LanCastR - 1.2

Windows 2000 , Windows 7 , Windows NT , Windows Vista , Windows XP
Unit price:
11,008,505.03 IDR (1,149.95 USD) (Volume discount prices)
Total price:
11,008,505.03 IDR (1,149.95 USD)
LanCastR - Local area network broadcasting system.    Design and transmit full screen multi-media messages for local area networks.
A simple to use and deploy server client system with an enormous application range in the real world.
Get your message across to people today!
LanCastR -  What do you get:
The licence you are about to purchase is a Single Licence, designed for use on one network.
Customer support:  Web, email & phone support is provided to all purchasers of LanCastR.  Phone details will be sent to you with the activation key.

System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista & Win 7
Processor: 1.5GHz and above
Memory: 512mb
Graphics: Minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
Hard Disc Space: 65Mb+
Network: LAN & Internet connection (For activation only)

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