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About this site is one's own web Acehnese children who are learning to sell all the software, you can buy here and you can trust and the site is not a site that sells only goods from the url from another website, but all the software you see and read in This site you can purchase and download for free, and we have collaborated with the website that according to the international community even believe, so that I try to offer the software, tools, editing and various software in the form of software that is available or not available on this website is the result of cooperation with The following websites based on the beliefs of Avangate.com avangate.com here we are trying to sell and promote it to anyone in need of services and goods from us, and we are not responsible for fraud committed outside purchases of goods at site ni.

As for the software that we provide are:
- Antivirus
- Business Finance
- Firewall
- Multimedia design
- Image editing
- CD, DVD Burn
- And Etc.

thanks for his great-my regards to the various parties who have helped either directly indirectly naupun so until this moment this website can still be in rambah by everyone and thanks also to his Avangate.com and its partners as well as to Google.com /Aly Husainy to master that have helped in terms of seo for this website http://www.samalangastreets.co.cc

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